Friday, October 29, 2010

Pete's Lemonade - Nelson

Pete's Lemonade is made in Nelson - from real lemon juice - is low in sugar.... and it tastes like it has been made 2 minutes ago - it is that full of natural flavour. Achieving and capturing that flavour.... no easy task. It is also lightly carbonated... which means you get soft small bubbles - some call them champagne bubbles.

I recommend buying a box or two for the summer....

Whilst the adults are supping on gin and tonic... you can imagine... their lovely children drinking Pete's Lemonade - the children enjoying feeling like they are one of the adults ... as they drink a high quality beverage filled with goodness... their parents safe in the knowledge that they are drinking 'the good stuff'.

I also see it as a great options for adults who want to drink something that is quality - enjoyable - but also non-alcoholic.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yealands Estate - Sauvignon Blanc

I think I have written in previous blog entries - about the dropping standards of Marlborough Sav Blanc - to me - a lot of the producers are making 'acceptable stuff' - that is more at the lollie water end of the spectrum. Nice - un-challenging - summer wine. Perhaps this is what the Pom's and Safeway's et al - like - perhaps this is what has happened!

However last night I supped a bottle of Peter Yealands - 2009 - Sauvignon Blanc.

Man it was good - it had the classic Marlborough gooseberry flavour - giving it a thirst quenching tartness. I'd thought the classic Gooseberry flavour - had all but vanished - but no Yealands - has brought it back - a dam fine drink - incredibly tasty - and totally recommended - I wish other wineries would also re-discover - what made Marlborough great in the first place.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Should beer be treated like wine?

Interesting Stuff article about how supermarkets categorize beer.

It seems that beer producers are categorized by things such as: mainstream - micro - import as opposed to by the grape varietal - like wine. Who cares really... micro brewers  - are so GOD DAM serious.... they need a GOD DAM serious section for it I think - with pages and pages of serious tasting notes per product. Good on them... but they remind me - of the sort of person - who builds replica models... BORING!!!

More interestingly are the comments about Ranfurly Beer - sounds bad. Ranfurly Beer is being re branded - so it can move into the "mainstream".

A real means - brand.... and good tie in with the Ranfurly Shield.... aimed at blokes!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Zealand Lamb

Poor old New Zealand - we've already had an Ozzy journalist - calling us the rip-off country - now a new article - reads that it is actually cheaper to buy New Zealand lamb in London than where it is produced.

There are lots of industry excuses - although you'd think it would be more expensive due to the shipping etc....

However - basically London orders Lamb by the container.... Kiwi's don't - and our fragmented hilly Island is a pain logistics wise - much easier to ship whole containers - with guaranteed and predictable demand - than deliver to Kiwi's who are mostly broke - gouged by utilities - a and 45% tax rate etc... etc....

It's a shame though - you'd think that there would be some perks - associated with living in NZ - where clean green and tasty food is produced - but no! We are the global factory hands - we wrap it - pack it - and send it off- and eat the shitty old meats covered in preservative laced bread crumbs - or marinated in glop - or tenderized by the tread of a tank (by the looks).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mainland Cheese - New Zealand

I didn't realize that Mainland was owned by Fonterra... our dairy bemouth.

Regardless... credit where credit is due - Mainland Cheese - particularly the "Tasty" Cheddar is great stuff.

One of the things you notice as a Kiwi when you first move to Australia (reason for the move - being that after tax and the gross and greedy utilities in NZ - nothing is left from your pay check!!!!) - is that Aussie cheese is bloody awful. Sort of spongy, plastic and devoid of flavour. And then there are the bizarre brand names that Aussie gives its cheese... I won't say which one.

You can get the cheaper varieties of NZ cheese in Aussie - sometimes... but vintage tasty can be a rarity.

So here's a toast to New Zealand cheese - WAY BETTER THAN AUSSIE CHEESE - and that bizarre spongy processed stuff that comes from Scandanavia and the US of A.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A meditation of mince - and - preservatives....

Mince - that amazing food,
 Was once fatty beef off cuts...
Now a wonder good.

 Red and and fresh on the outside
Brown and stale on the inside
A marvel of preservatives
Staple food of the recession

Years ago
cheap mince...
was complete with the odd grisly bone
crunch would go the teeth..
mince the $$ dentists friend

Mixed with tomatoes and cheese in any cooking style
dreadful raw
worse as an ice cream flavour.