Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ultra Cheap Cooking for Poor New Zealand Children ala Jack Monroe

I'm based in the UK now but think of New Zealand all the time - and dream about retiring on the Kapiti Coast - catching Snapper in my retirement.

It probably won't happen.

I still read all the papers.

Some time back I saw that for the first time - you can sponsor Kiwi children - just like you would - children in Africa. It seemed a sad turn of events - New Zealand is essentially a food basket - children should not be doing without. All is obviously not well in Aotearoa!

It's the same here in the UK - unfortunately globalization in reality means - the rich get even richer - everyone else is fated to be slaves (or worse). However - as brutal as this is - someone like John Key will say - well we have to compete (i.e. let the US spy on us for favorable trading terms).

In the UK an intriguing lady Jack Monroe - a single mother - lost her job - had no money and had the challenge of feeding her child on no money.

She is currently writing a book with super cheap recipes - that could help people in their time of need. It is likely the ingredients (often canned veggies!) could be limited to the UK - but the book will certainly be fill of ideas that could be applied to NZ.

Here blog is here

Kawakawa Roast Chicken

One of my favorite dishes (which I can't get now being in the UK!) is dried Kawakawa sprinkled over a roast chicken (lamb works as well).

The taste explosion is ridiculous.

No one seems to use native herbs in NZ cooking - which is such as waste.

Its so easy as Kawakawa grows like a weed - anywhere from Wellington to Auckland!

Just pick a shopping bag full a leaves and then dry. Then use as a herb.

For some reason using the herb as a seasoning for roasts - brings out an incredible flavor.

Make sure - its is just a dusting though!

If you don't like it - I'll buy you another chicken!