Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mainland Cheese - New Zealand

I didn't realize that Mainland was owned by Fonterra... our dairy bemouth.

Regardless... credit where credit is due - Mainland Cheese - particularly the "Tasty" Cheddar is great stuff.

One of the things you notice as a Kiwi when you first move to Australia (reason for the move - being that after tax and the gross and greedy utilities in NZ - nothing is left from your pay check!!!!) - is that Aussie cheese is bloody awful. Sort of spongy, plastic and devoid of flavour. And then there are the bizarre brand names that Aussie gives its cheese... I won't say which one.

You can get the cheaper varieties of NZ cheese in Aussie - sometimes... but vintage tasty can be a rarity.

So here's a toast to New Zealand cheese - WAY BETTER THAN AUSSIE CHEESE - and that bizarre spongy processed stuff that comes from Scandanavia and the US of A.

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