Monday, October 25, 2010

Yealands Estate - Sauvignon Blanc

I think I have written in previous blog entries - about the dropping standards of Marlborough Sav Blanc - to me - a lot of the producers are making 'acceptable stuff' - that is more at the lollie water end of the spectrum. Nice - un-challenging - summer wine. Perhaps this is what the Pom's and Safeway's et al - like - perhaps this is what has happened!

However last night I supped a bottle of Peter Yealands - 2009 - Sauvignon Blanc.

Man it was good - it had the classic Marlborough gooseberry flavour - giving it a thirst quenching tartness. I'd thought the classic Gooseberry flavour - had all but vanished - but no Yealands - has brought it back - a dam fine drink - incredibly tasty - and totally recommended - I wish other wineries would also re-discover - what made Marlborough great in the first place.

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