Friday, October 29, 2010

Pete's Lemonade - Nelson

Pete's Lemonade is made in Nelson - from real lemon juice - is low in sugar.... and it tastes like it has been made 2 minutes ago - it is that full of natural flavour. Achieving and capturing that flavour.... no easy task. It is also lightly carbonated... which means you get soft small bubbles - some call them champagne bubbles.

I recommend buying a box or two for the summer....

Whilst the adults are supping on gin and tonic... you can imagine... their lovely children drinking Pete's Lemonade - the children enjoying feeling like they are one of the adults ... as they drink a high quality beverage filled with goodness... their parents safe in the knowledge that they are drinking 'the good stuff'.

I also see it as a great options for adults who want to drink something that is quality - enjoyable - but also non-alcoholic.

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