Saturday, October 5, 2013

Innovating Beverage Brands - by intense Localisation

Living in the UK now - I do miss New Zealand. Unfortunately I'm a an age where I need to be in a big city to survive - I need to work on big stuff and big ideas - and well New Zealand or Australia I don't fit right now.


One thing I admire about London is its intense intellectual curiosity. And more than not this curiosity pours over into Innovation. Its not a USA - $100 million Venture Capital backed - kick butt - leverage enormous debt and rule the world curiosity -  its lets be smart - and London is enough!

So the two food innovations that caught my eye:


Basically the meantime brewery is providing people with hop plants all over the city. They call it "crowd sourced beer". How clever!

A true London Brew - also encouraging harvesting in an urban environment! A brilliant idea - I wonder what it will tastes like. The beers will been named - via voting on Twitter.


Gin is big in London right now - and there are constant Gin launches. But back to innovation!

Upmarket Dodd's Gin Distillery flavors their latest Gin from honey made from urban London bees. They say the complex honey it perfect for the Gin.

Its for sale at upmarket Fortnum and Mason's

Both products are innovative - but also evoke pride for the location in which they were produced. In addition - both ideas and therefore products received extensive London press.

Sometimes New Zealand banks too much on its "clean green image" re products.

Plus - mention New Zealand to someone in the UK - mostly they will say - its such a long way away - its a beautiful country... no mention re: clean and green!

I'd prefer to see more innovative ideas s and product- there is a large and curious market in London waiting.

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