Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Cod - Cooking

Dam - the Red Cod is a difficult beast.

It is prolific and easy to catch - and is often the catch of people surfcasting off sandy shallow beaches.

It looks just fine... sleek... red (of coarse) - a beautiful fish.

But it is difficult to cook - as it is very soft and mushy.

Some fillet it - and salt - the salt drawing out the excess water.

Some fillet it and mix it with kahawai - in fish pie - to tone down and balance the strong flavour of the kahawai... (often red cod and kahawai are caught in the same spots).

However - the best success I have had with Red Cod - is gently smoking it (whole as opposed to split).

The smoking seems to firm up the fish - and adds a lovely subtle flavour to it.

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