Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mac's Brewery Ginger Beer Review

Well I bought a four pac of Mac's ginger beer today.... nice rustic labelling... quirky New Zealand style copy on the label.... Plus it was bloody cheap - $4 something for a 4 pac. So - say $1.10 a bottle.

"Ginger Beer is a great New Zealand tradition. Unfortunately that tradition frequently involves something that comes in large fizzy drink bottles and has a propensity to exploded because your auntie used too much sugar. Mac's Ginger Beer on the other hand.... perfection..... " etc... etc....

So simple math:

Bottle: .12c * 4 = .50c
Labels .4c *4 = .16c
4 Pac .6c
Marketing .50c
Distribution cost: .12c *4 = 80c
Store cut .70c

Say $3 per four pac - production cost.. leaving about .15 cents per bottle for the actual drink - the fluid that you drink.

The thing is man - Mac's Ginger Beer is just not spicy... and there is almost no heat from it - ... and the initial taste could be described as slightly sulphurous (eggy!) - definitely designed for ginger beer drinkers - who are not into ginger beer!

The marketing - yeh great - the drink itself.... tasteless.


Anonymous said...

tried Macs Ginger Beer, absolutely YUK YUK YUK !!! wish i didn't waste my money. Thanks.

next2normal said...

yep just had one,swimming pool water with ginger,bad town supply water taste thru and thru