Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pete Lamb Fishing Trips

Although you can't say that a Pete Lamb Charter is a gourmet experience - the results can be.

In fact I went out on a Pete Lamb charter - out from Mana several years back with the father and law - it was dam rough - but everyone went back home with some Grouper steaks.

There is not much better than Grouper - washed in sea salt... then barbecued with garlic butter the same day... well nothing in my opinion.

I thought I would recount my experience - some of it.

Basically we got up early in the morning and went to Mana - to the boat.

It was already blowing a bit.

There was me - the father n law - and what looked to be a corporate team building thing... all guys... so no doubt IT. There was also a couple of Indian fullas.

It was really rough over the Mana bar.. my god it was rough... so rough that two of the corporates had already crawled into fetal position up the front of the boat on the way out. The miserable thing... sorry guys... errr were actually just on our way out... your suffering is just in its infancy.

We got to the fishing spot... and chucked the lines in... it was so rough you could not stand on the deck.

I managed to tangle my line with a couple of people... and hauled all their sinkers to the surface... I'd though I'd caught a fish.... nah just lead.

The father n law snagged a nice Grouper.

Several other Grouper also came on board.. and some large shark things - Tope? and some red cod.

The fishing method was to sort of drift.. each drift talking half an hour or so.

Each drift - meant more people retiring sea sick to the cabin.

After a few drifts... Pete asked "So shall we do another drift - or head into Mana Island - for shelter".

The sea sick - looking - much like Gollum by now... pale... desperate... cuddling pudding bowls and the like.. crawled out from the cabin... surprisingly they voted to go in... they were out voted by the Indian gentleman... nah lets have another crack at it.... and out we went again... the dim light of hope visibly vansihing in the eye's of the sick.

They returned to their sick poses/stations.

One man - I swear - chucked up continuously for two hours straight. I asked him whether he had taken his "sea legs" - he just looked at me as if I was taking the piss.

The funny thing was - when we eventually moved to calm waters and lit up the barbecue... that he tucked into the barely cooked... fatty ginormous snaggers!

So - the food on the boat not gourmet.... it was a macabre buffet... in a cabin filled with Gollums hugging pots and pans.

But fresh Grouper steaks that evening - defiantly!


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