Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moa Beer

I was reading that Moa beer has had some investment from Geoff Ross (42Below) - and that Geoff has been scouting around New Zealand's craft brew market.

What - reportedly - Geoff saw in Moa - was:
  • A cool name,
  • Use of aquifer water - as opposed to treated tap water,
  • A good story - a) the water comes from Moa land (i.e. Blenheim where there are apparently heaps of Moa fossils)... cool spin.... b) a winemaker is making the beer (more spin!)
  • Also Moa beer has managed to get a small following in the USA - a market Ross understands - and also the fact the beer is in the USA - means a good years worth of paperwork has already been done,
  • There is an opportunity - to make an iconic NZ beer brand.... as all the large brands have largely decomposed into a ubiquitous global mush - and most craft beers don't have the means or maybe even will... to take it to the next level (i.e. get bought out by an American Company... or Japanese).
  • Moa can be sold at a premium!
  • AND finally - Moa needs more investment.
You can tell Ross is on board (please someone tell me if I'm wrong) - by the first radio commercial for Moa... very 42below humour.

Having said all of this... I'm going to try some.... I like the bottle they use.

Radio ad here:

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