Monday, December 20, 2010

Captain Cooker - Manuka Beer

Captain Cooker Beer seems to be doing rather well.

They sell it in Nelson - though I have not tried as the original labelling - didn't look very appetising. However the new labelling and cool bottle above looks fantastic - I've got to try it.

As an update I had a pint of Manuka Beer down at Mapua Wharf yesterday. And actually it was really good - I was expecting something - I guess herbal and bitter - but it was very palatable. You get that oily manuka tea like - flavour coming through - but in a balanced way. Captain Cook was definitely not roughing it - when he drank Manuka Beer - a fine drop. By the way - dam it is lovely down at Mapua Wharf.... some guys were catching Snapper off the wharf (at low tide!!) - there was a band playing... it really is a magic spot.

Seems like the are doing really well overseas - particularly in Belgium.

Captain Cooker is made from New Zealand Manuka - as opposed to hops. Manuka is also known as the tea tree - and indeed makes a lovely cuppa.

Captain Cook - used to drink Manuka Tea.

Captain Cook also made a beer from Manuka  thus Captain Cooker. 

Captain Cooker - uses his original recipe.

As for the "Cooker"... a captain Cooker is a small dark pig thought to be introduced to the pacific by Captain Cook. 

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