Friday, August 13, 2010

No trout at Taupo?

Man - it is fair to say - surely that Lake Taupo - is almost entirely surrounded by junk food chains.

I guess that - with the amount of people driving though - that this is justified - the long distance driver wants something familiar - something that does not mean trying your luck - at some - unknown greasy spoon.

Sometimes I do feel sorry for the tourist.... the travellers who come to New Zealand - after a taste of something new.... something that you can't get at home - something that isn't ubiquitous in our global village.

Ok to the point - there should be a joint in Taupo - that serves up fresh cooked - Rainbow Trout - be it fresh or smoked - or even pate.

I know - there can't be a wholesale - commercial slaughter (as lets face it - our industry would trawl the lake - and a year later it would be empty - much like our coastline) - but perhaps a license could be issued - to one place and one place only.

So people who visit - can taste something from the lake - something fresh.... something iconic.... and tell people about it.

Imagine - people being able to taste the freshest rainbow trout... served up - right next to the amazing lake Taupo!


Kevthefarmer said...

Hi, David. As far as I am aware, any commercial sale of trout is forbidden by law in NZ, and has been so for many years in order to protect the recreational fishery. Have a word with that nice Mr. Key though- I've heard that he might just be in the mood for privatising stuff that we have come to consider as a "public good"!

David Wright said...

I guess as an NZer I feel sorry for the visitors to our country - who come to Taupo - and end up eating subway - if one place was licensed to serve fresh trout?