Thursday, August 26, 2010

Founders Brewery - Organic Beer (Nelson)

Wow... you can really taste it - when people make a product... and care about that product.

Such is the beer from Founders Brewery.

Smooth, delicious and bursting with flavour. And once you have finished drinking it....... it is like yeah... that was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beer is also Organic... but not in a he he its Organic sort of way.

The beer is brewed by fifth and sixth generation brewers... and it tastes like it... the complexity, flavour perfectly balanced.... Founder Brewery is not the type of place than makes 100,000 bottles a time... and that is why it is special.... a real treat!

And their beer passes the warm test.

That is - try the beer room temperature - is it still good? Freezing cold beer - can cover many sins.

Founder Brewery is on-site at Founders Park... all sorts of cool things there... including a train ride for the kids.... and some amazingly well restored machinery.

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