Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Economy hitting Wellington's Bar's and Cafe's

Everyday - you hear how Wellington Bars and Cafe's are struggling.

There is a thought - that by the time we get to the glorious Rugby World Cup - that 20-30% of these businesses will no longer exist - a boon - to those that survive I guess... for the relatively short duration of the Cup at least - remember the last British Lions Tour... and all the expectations... mostly the Lions were coralled into booze tents hastily erected in various car parks around the country... the local publican saw nought....

Obviously the recession has had a huge effect.... but it should not hide .... the massive drop in standards that have occurred in these sectors - and the total lack of innovation.

Point one - people who like panini - god forbid - now own their own panini makers. They can make it fresh -with nice ingredients - straight out of the fridge... in short a panini made at home is way better than the stale (7am in the morning made) panini that you get at the coffee shop - complete with the gently decomposing - unwashed bagged salad - oozing out from its sides.

Point two - stale muffins - that are ..... stale and horrid... are stale and horrid.... people watching their $$$ are not going to buy them... and if they do... will need to sleep off the experience.

Point three - Cafe's have milked the above for way to long.... a lot of people are plain.... bored shitless by this repetitive format.

Point four - hot deep fried chips... and soggy spring rolls - and not the be and end all - in terms of trendy bar food.

Point five - serving staff that are more interested in bossing around other serving staff... than serving... wipe the smile off the customer! The customer feels ripped off.

In some ways I think the recession has really just double whammied establishments that are shit - and have milked a mediocre boom time format - for way too long.

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