Friday, July 2, 2010

Yeastie Boys - Beer

Well this is a brief mention - because of their humorous  - yet possibly retro name - introducing the "Yeastie Boys".

Their website - is amazingly minimalistic - with no actual photo's of their product - instead I think they rely on their facebook page - for the digital side of their marketing (where I found this solitary photo).

 The amusing thing - was that I read somewhere - that each batch they brew gives them enough cash to brew the next one - so possibly profits are not high.

It reminded me of the old New Zealand advertisement - where there is this old codger on the side of the road - selling oranges.  His bank manager asks him how business is - and he says that he is selling them - but not making much money. And that he buys the oranges for $1 each and sells them for $1 each. The bank manager asks him - how he can help. He replies that he needs a bigger orange truck.

They also sell cool Yeastie Boys t-shirts.

1 comment:

Yeastie Boys said...

There's more money in it than in $1 oranges... but only just!

Thanks for the mention. It's helped me stumble
across your interesting blog. Great stuff!

Slainte mhath
Stu - a Yeastie Boy.