Friday, July 16, 2010

Woodburn Venison! - Hastings

Woodburn Vension began by selling at the Hawke's Bay Farmers market.... and now have expanded to a business employing nine people.

They are passionate about offering a quality product - and know everything there is to know about Venison - moving from farming - to processing.

The website below contains some tasty recipe's such as:

Venison sausages wrapped in sage and proscuttio on a roast kumara and capsicum salad.
Serves 4
6x Venison Sausages
6x Slices Proscuitto
12x Sage Leaves
1Kg Kumara
2x Roast Capsicum
1x Red Onion
6 Sprigs of Thyme
Vinaigrette of Choice
Place sage leaves in the centre of the sausage, wrap each sausage over the sage leaf with proscuitto strips.
Wash and chop kumara into even squares, roast off in the oven until golden and cooked. Roast off capsicum, then remove skin and seeds, slice up and set aside.
Finely slice red onion and remove thyme from stalk. Mix the last four ingredients with vinaigrette and season. Cook Sausages on a BBQ or in a pan and serve on top of the salad.

Contact Details:

Sally Haslett – Director
64 6 835 3307
64 6 835 3308
Physical and Postal Address
301A Jervois & Warren Street
PO Box 4012
Hastings 4122

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