Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wai-Kawa - First Class Mixer Drinks

Wai-Kawa offers premium mixer drinks (carbonated) - and I guess would be defined as an adult soda drink - or premium soda- along the lines of Schweppes - but using ingredients only found in New Zealand.

For instance the "Tonic Water" uses Horopito (a native New Zealand plant) in place of Quinine. The properties of the Horopito are very similar to Quinine - however are said to be even stronger. Horopito is aromatic - the flavour reminds me of a more subtle Angostura like taste.

Its Kiwi Cola - uses leaves from the Kawakawa Tree. The Kawakawa is related to the "Kava plant - of which the leaves are used to make a relaxing broth - usually shared around the fire". I would expect that the Kiwi Cola - would be great after a hot curry.

All in all Wai-Kawa offers very unique drinks and are targeting up-market bars and clubs.

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