Saturday, July 3, 2010

Peta Mathias - the Red Headed Cook

Previously I wrote of my favorite food critic - David Burton.

On the cover of David's Cookbook - is rouge red glowing praise from Peta Mathias. So what the heck - one thing leads to another - might as well blog about her too - diddly doo.

We'll I've seen her on the the tel - I also think she did some cookin' in Paris. Once on tv Peta went to Peru  - and got altitude sickness - but she still managed to get to the local market - to admire the local potatoes - LOL.

I also watched her critic some guy who was busy boiling some fennel root - to death. She was good about it - just a raised eyebrow - she likes people who are into food.

In comparison - to David Burton - she has taken the idea of personal branding to the next level - Peta Mathias itself is a trademark - she also has a flash website. Dam she's hard workin'!

Her global cuisine trips look cool to!

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