Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul Holmes - Olive Oil - Auckland

Sheeesh... when I first heard of "Paul Holmes Olive Oil" I assumed that the maker was a dude other than NZ's bestest and favorite broadcaster.

What a pain I thought - to have the same name as someone famous.... what a confusing story for your brand... errr no I'm not a broadcaster - I am an olive crusher actually.

Wrong..... Paul Holmes also makes Olive Oil these days.... in this age of personal branding..... cash in on the personal brand aye aye..... just do it.... like Kendra.

Here is a pic of Paul with the Prime Minister Key - see ... fame opens doors for your product.

(Paul Holmes is the one on the left - looking like Don Johnson)

Being live on the radio - also has its benefits.... as you can now dial up the radio station to place your next order of Olive Oil - pronto - then drizzle the oil over a simple pasta sprinkled with parsley and pine nuts - and "real" parmesan from Italy.

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