Friday, July 9, 2010

Lighthouse - Gin and Tonic

I'll be up at the Auckland Food Show shortly - where one of the first things I will be trying in the "Lighthouse Gin and Tonic" - Wairarapa's finest!

Its a winner - that is going to take on the world - mark my words.

There is a trend these days - to drink Gin with merely soda water. Yeh its - ok - but sorry the Tonic is the classic way.

Tonic water has an interesting history - basically - the tonic  part made - from a dark brown powdered bark (containing the quinine chemical) - was good for treating (not preventing) the effects of malaria.

One problem - it tasted disgusting!

The solution mix it with some gin - and a slice of lemon - acceptable! - and the tradition grew. So - the fine - slick tonic water we use these days - actually bear's no relation to the tonic today. So the reality - is that the original tonic water - was a brown disgusting murky mix!

Anyway check out this crappy video on youtube - the Gin and Tonic song for a laugh - it is terrible!!

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