Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kiwi Cola

Well its pretty safe to say that Kiwi's are Cola fans..... big time.

In New Zealand - Coke - has definitely won the Cola wars (Pepsi versus Coke). Lion Nathan recently sold its rights to Pepsi - to Frucor - Pepsi just didn't happen here - despite MC Hammers best efforts (remember his ads?).

Although Coke has low sugar offerings - it is the high sugar one - that still tastes the best - the others - well you can sort of imagine - that they give a test-tube in some far away lab - a good workout.

However now we have "Kiwi Cola" a very very classy Cola indeed. It has kept its sugar (cane sugar that is) - but to this has added an extract from Kawakawa leaves.

Dam this cola is smooth - and it leaves a lovely after taste (if that is the correct way of saying it - flavour on the mouth?). It is not cheap though!

So finally New Zealand - land of Cola lovers - has something their own - Kiwi Cola.... made in lovely nelson new zealand.

The best dam cola in the world.

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