Saturday, July 24, 2010

iPad - Restuarant Menu's

Well - this is my first tech style - blurb - but still with food in mind of coarse.

As everyone in New Zealand knows (lets face it the whole world is in synch with Apple PR these days) - the iPad is now for sale here.

Variously described - as a really big Ipod touch - but with a book store etc...

However the uses of an interactive tablet - have been science fiction for years. Although not the first tablet (there have been heaps!) in the market by any stretch... it is the one that has caught people's imagination - it's release perfectly timed - thanks to the groundwork laid by the iPhone, iPod, iTunes etc...

Interestingly a restaurant in Melbourne is going to be using an iPad application to present its menus. The idea being that - say you - the customer - is interested in a particular ingredient - you could - with a few clicks (presses... touches??) - instantly find out more.

If you wanted to find out why - that dam bottle of red wine is sooooo expensive - a few touches - and yes - the wine was from a good year - when the wine yield was incredibly low - and the wine has won X number of awards - and a raft of wine critics love it - and with one more touch - a video of the actual critic waxing lyrical.

Does - an interactive menu mean - hey the waiting staff don't need to know jack about the menu anymore? Probably not.

Personally I like the paper menu - but I like reading - physical books as opposed to digital books - so possibly I don't get it. There is something about a digital menu - that suddenly seems - as if I have taken my workplace - into the restaurant - when really I wanted to get away from it.

More about the restaurant here:

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