Friday, July 23, 2010

Horopito Tonic Water

A New Zealand take on the classic Tonic Water.

Instead of the usual Quinine - Wai-Kawa Tonic Water uses Horopito - or more precisely Horopito essences.

The taste - well - its definitely unique - sort of tangy and herbal - like you would imagine a soda with Angostura bitters would be. It is definitely very classy and light - an awesome mixer.

New Zealand Horopito is an interesting - strong medicinal properties - and also it is a plant that is little changed in 65 million years. So when you mix in a Horopito Tonic water with a Gin or a Vodka - you will be experiencing - i guess an ancient flavour - a flavour unchanged - from the time when Dinosaurs were roaming the planet. The reason Horopito is unchanged - is that it is bursting with anti-oxidants - these have made it very resilient.

Of coarse using such rare ingredients it is not the cheapest.

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