Saturday, July 3, 2010

David Burton - food critic - Wellington

I like my food - but I'm not a serious foodie - I like a good restaurant - but don't go out that often.

However, regardless - for me the best section in Saturday's Dominion Post - is always David Burton's latest article. I always skip straight to it - and read the article at least twice - preferably while supping on a nice strong cappuccino. His crisp and precise writing style is always a joy to read.

These days his article is contained in - a glossy little filler magazine - I think it is "indulgence". As a result - his writing seems to save/make the glossy filler mag - whilst the quality of the Saturday paper - has dropped.

Dear Mr Editor - please reverse this - a wellington paper should revere the strong local food scene - in extensive detail. There are more cafes and restaurants in Wellington per head of population than...... etc.. etc...

Sir David Burton has also written a book - which I will soon purchase - once I have sold my left kidney.

We also need a few Burton's to sort out some of the sloppiness creeping into some of Wellington's well know and established cafe's and restaurants.

Finally it has to be said - David Burton is a brave man. In one of his articles he actually ate a McDonalds salad - there should be a medal for that type of journalistic sacrifice!


Anonymous said...

Do you still hold this sycophantic point of view?

David Wright said...

Hi yes!

I wouldn't call it sycophantic - as I used to - indeed - read all his articles and enjoy them.

Also I have never actually met him - never emailed him - and never will (and I didn't end buying his book).

Sometimes I did find his article's harsh. On of my favorites was (I live in the UK now) Satay Village. He criticized them - for not being spicy enough.

I disagree with that opinion - they are tasty and comfortable - with an almost home cooking vibe. They don't set out to be spicy and challenging.

Anyway sorry not sycophantic. And I only pour praise when I mean it.. but I'm not nasty - if I think someones "art" sucks I keep quiet.