Saturday, July 3, 2010

Air New Zealand Business Class Menu

I haven't been on Air New Zealand Business Class for a while - but below (right down below!) is their latest menu. I think I'd go for the snapper.

They also serve up New Zealand wines and 42 Below cocktails (cocktails available on long-haul flights only).

Air New Zealand has a proud tradition - and no other Airline offers food as good (in my opinion).

And no wonder look at the caliber of chef's!

Our Consulting Chefs

Consulting Chefs: Peter Gordon, Rex Morgan and Geoff Scott.

Our consultant chefs design our Business menus, ensuring passengers experience the very best of New Zealand cuisine.

 Peter Gordon, dine, Auckland and The Providores and Tapa Room, London
Local boy Peter Gordon is one of the big guns on the London restaurant scene with The Providores and Tapa Room both regarded as exceptional places to eat. His Auckland restaurant, dine by Peter Gordon, is one of Auckland's premier dining experiences. He has long championed fusion cuisine, creating memorable dishes that focus on the textural, visual and aromatic elements as well as flavour.

Rex Morgan, Boulcott Street Bistro, Wellington
Rex Morgan is co-owner of Boulcott Street Bistro, regarded as one of Wellington's iconic restaurants. He's famous for using unique flavour combinations from around New Zealand, often combining local lamb, beef or salmon with distinctive native herbs such as karengo (coastal seaweed) or horopito (bush pepper).

Geoff Scott, Vinnies Restaurant, Auckland
Vinnies Restaurant in Auckland is a New Zealand institution and its owner and head chef, Geoff Scott, is a culinary icon. He learnt his trade in some of the finest kitchens in Europe, returning home with a burning ambition to bring his exceptional culinary skill to bear on the freshest New Zealand produce.
Wine Consultants
Our Wine Consultants.
Selecting wines for drinking in-flight takes special care as there are unique conditions to consider. The low humidity and high altitude affect our palate, causing the tannin and astringency of wine to taste more pronounced. Our panel of judges takes all that into account when selecting wines for Air New Zealand. Twice a year, the judges conduct blind wine tastings to select the perfect wines for each class on Air New Zealand. Currently on our panel of judges:

Jim Harre, International Wine Show Judge
Jim comes from a family that is rich in winemaking history and is an international wine judge. Jim and his wife Wendy own and operate the Gates Country Lodge in North Canterbury.

John Belsham, Foxes Island Wines
Winemaker and owner of Foxes Island Wines, John Belsham began judging wines at competition in 1988. He is now Chairman of the annual Air New Zealand Wine Awards, New Zealand's most prestigious wine event.

Kate Radburnd, C J Pask Winery
Kate is Managing Director and Winemaker at C J Pask Winery and has been winemaking in New Zealand for 25 years. Kate is a senior wine judge and her experience is extensive, she was appointed by Air New Zealand as a wine consultant in 2005.


Vanilla poached salmon with cherry tomato, endive salad and dill creme fraiche

Main Course

  • Cabernet braised beef with mini mushroom pastry, root vegetables and rosemary gnocchi
  • New Zealand snapper on yuzu braised fennel with potatoes, green beans and red pepper, caper and macadamia salsa
  • Penne pasta carbonara with thyme and parsley, double smoked bacon, courgette and toasted panko crumbs
  • Warmed apple and black Doris plum tart with Vinnies ricotta cream
Cheese and Fruit
  • A selection of fine New Zealand cheese and fresh seasonal fruit