Friday, July 2, 2010

26000 Vodka - Nelson

26000 Vodka - is called 26000 because the water is uses has been carbon dated and the result was 26000 years old. This aquifer sit's below good old Nelson.

So what does 26000 year old water taste like? - apparently pure.

26000 Vodka has been through the wars - that is prior to the brand being purchased by the McCashin's. The previous owner - got an "amazing" deal ($10 million bucks worth a year) to supply a distributor in the United States - so container after container was sent - but none of the containers were paid for - and then we had the GFC. A real "the ecstasy and the agony" type story.

I love the bottle- it feels like a chunk of ice.

Beyond 42Below - this is NZ Vodka Brand No.2.

For internet geeks - the website uses the papervision 3D plugin.

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