Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ti-Tonics - Auckland

Ti-Tonics is a new tea based drink - just launched I think. I have not tried it - but will if I see it.

There seems to be a few tea based drinks around these days - such as - and international offerings from the likes of Dilmah (complete with million dollar Hugh Jackman TVC's).

I like the simple  (simple but very classy) packaging design and the elegant bottle.

Although it is reduced in sugar - it has quite a large bottle (350ml).

The "message" focuses on the benefits of the anti-oxidants contained in the tea. The website focuses on "Polyphenols" - which are good for you.

I'm into the whole - functional drinks thing. By "functional" I mean - the drinks taste good - fits into a modern life - and has beneficial properties (without looking like hippy juice).

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PFJ said...

I love these drinks :)