Friday, June 18, 2010

TaaKawa - Kawakawa Beer

This is an interesting one.

Beer made from the ubiquitous New Zealand kawakawa tree. Some leaves below.

This is from the website:

'The beer produced has a golden color, with a smooth and slightly sweet taste, a beer that it is truly uniquely New Zealand.

TaaKawa can be regarded as the first truly indigenous beer produced in New Zealand.'

I have not tasted TaaKawa - the reviews on were average - possibly because of the unique flavour of kawakawa. Impressive though is that one of the reviewers bought at the bottle at Tesco's - England. Also on their gallery the boys are busy making a shipment for Japan.
It is fair to say that these guys are ambitious - check out a pic of their flash billboard display - and later a picture of the actual bottles.

Their website is a little scratchy - come on boys!

I've later discovered - that as often happens with two person partnerships - that the company's founders had a wee legal fallout - both claiming IP ownership. A shame - according to the legal judgment - sales were but modest - and worsened when the fallout occured. Both founders wanted to buy the other out - the problem when business becomes personal huh! I wonder if it all sorted it self out.

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