Thursday, June 24, 2010

Purple Monkey Finger - Kumara Vodka

Well this is a bizarre one.

Purple Monkey Finger (what a mouth full!) - make Vodka from the Kumara - as opposed to the good old Russian potato or grain. Sometimes I think the use of the colour purple is rather unfortunate - as well there is already a famous spirit with the purple colour - right!

The Vodka comes from Ruawai - kumara capital of New Zealand!

I got this information on Ruawai from Wikipedia:

Ruawai is a small township located 30 km south of Dargaville in Northland, New Zealand. The population was 426 in the 2006 Census, a decrease of 30 from 2001.[1]
The name literally translated from Maori means 'two waters' referring to the nearby Northern Wairoa River and Kaipara Harbour. The township primarily serves the outlying farming area which consists mainly of cattle farming and kumara growing.

I guess Kumara is indeed purple - well the skin is - and well sort of finger like - maybe.

There are are not a lot of details on their website - not even a picture of a bottle (the video below has this).

Check out the rather raw video - does show the bottle and a bit of a character!


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this stuff is awesome. its the only way to fly

Anonymous said...

What a stupid Ad!! if its trying to be funny, its just retarded. I'm gonna do a "golden kumara" vodka or even a yam vodka better than yours!

Anonymous said...

bad ad!