Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Petit Cafe - Pink Lemonade

The folk at Petit Cafe have justly chastised me for my spelling - so hopefully I have that right now!

They also have a new and lovely updated website

Their Pink Lemonade is selling very well - and I know that they are in Moore Wilson's in Wellington - so next time I am up - I will be picking up some. I am sure it would go well with a Lighthouse Gin.

They use Cranberry for the Pink tinge - a learning experience for me - I was not sure how pink lemonade was actually made.

For more information please contact  027 2794854

or email

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Kate said...


Kate here from Petit Cafe. I have a new website with all the information re my products on it. The pink lemonade is becoming really popular - e-mail me for where-to-buy.

David, your spelling is pretty bad.