Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Zealand's most Trusted Brands - Watties!

This is an interesting one - Watties was voted in a readers digest survey as being NZ's most trusted brand (2010 results).

Prior to this - the long time winner of this mantel was Cadbury's. However Cadbury's has now slipped to 36 - the result of the Palm Oil debacle - and possibly also for moving production of the beloved Moro bar to Australia.

It is pretty obvious bean counters have taken over Cadbury's New Zealand operation - and much like their rich cousins in private equity are destroying value. Cadbury's is going from a well respected brand - to a "home brand" - supermarket shelf stuffer. They really need to do something to reverse this spiral.

To be fair - I still buy and like Cadbury's a great deal - particularly the Caramello. I'm not a fan of the new card box style packaging - perhaps they should also ditch this and go back to the shiny paper wrapper - and take things back to when they were the NO.1 trusted brand in NZ.

On the good news front - and tellingly - Whittaker's Chocolate is now at number five.

Also good on Watties/Heins etc...!

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Ben said...

Marmite should be up there! I trust it for breakfast 7 days of the week.