Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Montana Sauvignon Gris

I tried Montana Sauvignon Gris the other day... I have never been much of a Montana drinker - however I really appreciated these guys having a go with a different varietal.

And - in fact - I really enjoyed the wine.

To me it was - like the name implies - sort of cross between a Sauvignon Blanc with a Pinot Gris (although see below - this is actually not the case!!).

To me it had the dryness of the Sauvignon - but also a certain sweetness.

A great wine to drink on a hot day - very pleasant!

Wine makers notes are here:

Montana Showcase Series Marlborough Sauvignon Gris

"Sauvignon Gris is an ancient grape variety native to the Bordeaux region of France, not a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris as might be expected. We've been trialling it in our Marlborough vineyards for a few years and we like what we see. It grows strongly in our climate, producing ripe fruit but retaining good levels of acidity. On the nose it is pleasantly herbaceous with notes of crushed blackcurrant leaves complemented by a tropical edge of peach, orange and lime. This flows through to a richly-weighted palate, full of textural interest. Sauvignon Gris rewards the adventurous."
Patrick Materman, Chief Winemaker

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