Thursday, June 17, 2010

MO2 - Fizzy Milk Drink

MO2 is a fizzy milk drink made by a New Zealand farmer.

He has got some press as - he was unable to sell his product at the Field Day's farmers show - as being a beverage it would have conflicted with Coke's rights (I guess they paid $$$ to be the show's sole beverage provider).

Also Coke has also produced a milk powder product - vio or something.

Fizzy milk - hmmmm - yeh he is onto a winner - provided he can actually sell the stuff.

And that seems to be the problem - with all the Cafe fridges - being taken by Coke, Frucor or Charlies these days - and let's face it - Frank's brand is just terrible (it's lemonade actually tastes of a ghastly lime) - and well we're all bored with Phoenix.

All that said - he is onto a winner - though he might find better markets in Asia etc.... than New Zealand - things tend to get a bit bunged up here.

Good on him - and God's speed etc....

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