Friday, June 18, 2010

Kiwi mo2 versus Coca-Cola's Vio

I don't know why - but I am really interested in this fizzy milk vibe.

In one corner we have made by a Kiwi farmer with rich mates. The thing is - these guys have spent $2 million developing this product - significantly more than 42Below (prior to their listing). So they must be excited about something - right?

The only thing is - well the flavours - lemonade and cola - was expecting more fruit based stuff. However MO2's founder did point out that heaps of people like ice creams soda's/spiders - so yeh fair enough. Having said that my favorite spider was with Fanta - how disgusting is that!

In the other corner - is the mighty Coke corporation with their experimental product Vio - sounds like a laptop right? However I am liking the flavours better peach-mango, very berry, citrus burst and tropical colada - sounds more like it.

Apparently the challenge with Vio was to stop the milk powder from curdling.

Nutritionists are generally saying that well a milk flavoured sweetened fizzy is better for kids than just a sweetened fizzy - whatever - funny thing was the nutritionists I saw on the TV were all fat.

Anyway here's the Vio pic:


Vio Vibrancy Drink said...

Thanks for trying Vio! Can we send you a 4-pack of your favorite flavor? Our treat!

David Wright said...

Hi there - I'm afraid you would have to send it to New Zealand. A little too far away I guess. Good luck with your product of coarse.