Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kakariki Olives - Nelson

Tried this Olive Oil at the Nelson Market today.

Main points were from the proprietor were

  • Don't ever buy good olive oil in a "clear glass" bottle - as sunlight very quickly oxidizes the oil. 
  • Apparently the effect is even more pronounced under fluorescent lights (like in a super market).

Kakariki Olive oil comes in a dark bottle - enough said!

Kakaraiki Olive oil - to me - has a classy - grassy taste - the flavour in this case delicate and light - perfect for drizzling over fish - Tarakihi would be exceptional.

However, the owner is honest. Still use butter for new potatoes!

He also said beware of cheap imported olive oil. "Entrepreneurs" - are at it again - importing cheap shit - whacking on a logo of some hills - etc... say bottled in New Zealand - and rip off the dumb locals!

Kakariki is located at:

Redwood Valley

+64 544 1629

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