Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Foxton Fizz

Foxton Fizz has been going for a while - since 1918.

It was a regional fizzy for the kids. The only other regional  fizzy factory still left that I know of is West's in Dunedin.

I'd almost completely forgotten about Foxton Fizz - but they were selling a few bottles of it at the De Molin Mill.

I had a "lime" - I have to admit is was terrible - but I have heard their other flavours are nicer - particularly their creaming soda.

Apparently Foxton Fizz is sold at the Foxton New World - so I will give so more a go - if I am passing by.

I went around to visit the actual plant - but it has moved - apparently the bore water at Foxton is not so hot.

I had half expected to find some old geezer in greasy overalls running the plant - but I think about 10 trendy young geezers bought Foxton Fizz four to five years ago - so I guess it has become like an Italian family business.

Their website http://www.foxtonfizz.com/ has lots of broken links which is a shame.

However I think perhaps they make more of their facebook page:


is where the web action is!

Foxton Fizz is now made in Putarua - some on Facebook now think it should be called Putarua Fizz... doesn't quite have the same ring! The say they will one day return to Foxton - when there has been a bore water transplant (hmmmm no such thing right!).

However - I just love regional companies that have survived globalisation - coke - mackers - et all!

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