Saturday, June 5, 2010

ENZ BEE - Honey Nelson

Met this guy at the Nelson Market - also saw him at the Mapua fair.

He makes - well ENZ BEE makes honey - yes - well the bee's do - but they are his bee's!

They specialize in honey - with herbal infusions - my favourite being his Sage infusion - this always sells out.

However today I bought a Rosemary Herbal Honey - and it is just gorgeous. He'll have more Sage in a couple of weeks - and I will be buying it!

To make his herbal honey - he puts a bag of herbs into it (the honey) and gently - very very gently heats. Like a good winemaker - he checks for taste - and days - nah weeks later - when he diem's the honey to be ready - he bottles it!

The local paper had this article:

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