Friday, June 4, 2010

Elderberry and Elderflower Cordials - Bountiful Blessings

These guys are at the Nelson Markets most of the time.

Basically they sell both Elderberry and Elderflower cordials - and are kind enough to provide free tastings of coarse.

The Elderflower cordial is the biggest seller - and has that distinctive taste - the Elderberry is a red drink - not as distinctive but certainly very appealing.

The makers are located:

102 Todd Valley Rd, Nelson

They have included some notes on the benefits of the Elderflower/berry.

  • It is rich in vitamins A,B and C;
  • It is Diaphoretic - it can easily induce perspiration. It feels cool to a feverish body and helps remove toxins;
  • Expectorant - helps to draw out phlegm (so perhaps avoid drinking at a posh dinner party - particularly after you have had a smoke!)
  • Anti-inflammatory - helps remove toxic residues faster.
So there you go!!

Mostly you see elderflower cordials (and soft drinks) in the shops here - I have also heard that Elderflower cordial is very popular in Japan.

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