Thursday, June 17, 2010

The downward spiral of NZ Super Markets

Mt first impression (after being overseas for four years) of the standard New Zealand Supermarkets (Woolworths or New World in my case) - was - hmmm the quality and variety of products seems to have gone down.

There is way too much Signature, Home, Budget type house branding.

There was nothing interesting or new on the shelves.

Wine - though - is well dirt cheap even for good brands. It looks like the Supermarkets are using wine as a loss leader.

I think the problem is that the supermarkets are locked in a downward distribution cycle. Basically they are almost desperately trying to cut costs - at the expense of products and variety. There is some awful much on the shelves - but at a good price of coarse.

For me New World - is now the place to get wine - and washing powder - for everything else - there is the butcher, places like Moore Wilson, the weekend markets - where you get the fresh food goodies.

I think Moore Wilson has to be commended for helping to establish a gourmet/artisan food industry in New Zealand.

Almost all the amazing and diverse treats on their shelves are proudly from NZ.

Way to go!

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