Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dixon Street Deli - Wellington

Dixon Street Deli - on 45 Dixon Street is a much loved Wellington Institution - and a place of memories for people such as me.

Dixon Street Deli was one of the first places in Wellington where you could buy a Samosa - and a very nice one at that.

Also years ago they tried a smoothie recipe on - and wanted my feedback.

At the time I was a starving student - so the feedback was positive.

With Dixon Street Deli everything is top quality and tasty!

Some info from its website:

Now in it's third generation, Dixon St. Deli has been supplying Wellington with gourmet delights since 1930.

Charlie Chait immigrated from Poland in 1920 and opened Farm and Poultry Supplies Ltd in Dixon Street, Wellington.

In 1974 son Martin, along with his wife Jayne, took over the family business and developed it into a gourmet deli concept. Martin and Jayne scoured the world for fresh and innovative cuisine, introducing NZ to delicacies such as Russian fudge, baked cheesecake and bagels. 

In 2000 Jayne and Martin's son Ari began the third generation and updated the deli to it's current cafe format.

Address: 45 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand   Telephone: 04 384 2436   Fax: 04 384 8692 

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