Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zumo Coffee Roasters - Nelson

One of the first things you notice about the Nelson Coffee scene is the words "Fair Trade and Organic" - this is the  benchmark. There are various competing brands in Nelson all off which tick the above mentioned pre-requisites.

The second thing you notice about the Nelson Coffee scene is Zumo. It is incredibly strongly branded - and if you look down the main shopping street in Nelson - you see the brand - dead center - they have perfectly positioned their sign!

According to the wife  - Zumo makes the best coffee in Nelson - and the world. They also are completely customer focused i.e. you can tell them what sort of coffee you feel like - say strong, full bodied etc... and they will essentially match your mood with the right coffee blend.

They roast the Coffee right in front of you - and they provide great seating - a warm friendly atmosphere  - and plenty of coffee table style reading such as "Global Gypsy".

It is also child friendly.

They don't do food  (you can bring your own along) - they do Coffee and they do it well.

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