Monday, May 24, 2010

Zespri Brand

Zespri - is one of those brands that I don't really like - the product is fine - but the brand name - well I am surprised it has lasted this long. Sometimes I wonder if it has lasted because the original decision makers are still on the board.

As a kid growing up in New Zealand - initially it was the Chinese Gooseberry - then it became the Kiwifuit - a fantastic name.

I remember the fanfare when the Zespri brand was created - and all the marketing hype that explained why such a silly sounding name - was actually really really good - apparently zesty - and full of energy. The general public reaction was WTF actually.

I have never once, ever heard anyone say the word "Zespri"... ever.

For instance:

  • 42Below - has a Kiwifruit Vodka - not a Zespri Vodka
  • Whittakers - has a Kiwifruit Chocolate - not a Zespri Chocolate.
Look I know the reasoning - a competitive market - required an internationally trademarked brand (I guess kiwifruit was not possible).

I think the major mistake with this brand "Zespri" - is that it is a synthetic word - promoting a natural product. It is probable that a natural name - should promote a natural product.

For instance, even though Charlie's is a guys name(maybe even a girl's) used to promote fruit beverages - it sort of works. Its a name we have all heard of - it conjures up an image of a typical kiwi guy - a larakin- making juice from the fruit growing in his 1/4 acre lot - the sort of guy to have a tool shed as well.

It just works.

But Zespri - no no no.

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