Monday, May 24, 2010

"What a Load of Bull"

Product No. 3 featured in the Mothered Goose Deli.

This one has some personality - one with a strong handshake.

Basically these guys make sauces - the first bottle I saw in the Deli had "Bull's Cream"!. I immediately picked up the bottle - it was one of those - WTF moments.

So the sauces they make are:

  • Bulls Eye - Chilli Sauce - tested on Bulls
  • Calf Custard
  • Bulls Semen Salad Sauce - taken from Bulls with their consent
  • Bulls Blood - Tomato Sauce - Freshly Squeezed from Bulls
  • Bulls Hit - Worster Sauce - Bulls are full of it

Alcoholic Drink:

  • Genuine Bulls Cream - Cream from Bulls

Beef Jerky

  • Raw Hide Beef Jerky - not suitable for vegetarians
  • Hann-a-bull Beef Jerky
Quite a product range! I love the humour - can't say when I will be covering a salad in bull semen though!

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