Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teza Cafe Style Tea Drinks

If anyone hasn't noticed - Cafe's are the new bars - and have been for some time. This shift has opened up opportunities for a number of food makers - such as Phoenix/Charlies.

Teza can be bought at Moore Wilsons in Wellington - and in a large number of Cafes (I saw it for sale in the Wairarapa/Martinborough for instance).

Teza - is riding this trend and also another trend re: tea based drinks.

Teza is packaged in an unusual bottle (325ml) - a good marketing tactic.

See the YouTube add they created for Juicetv up in Auckland:

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Daphne said...

Hi David and thank you for your blog on Teza. I happen to be one of the founders! We started out not quite 3 years ago with modest capital but with a view and a passion to make a tasty drink with less sugar than a soft drink or juice and using interesting ingredients with known health benefits. I was there for the first few productions, crushing the cinnamon quills and chopping up the fresh ginger with my bare hands! We refuse to cut corners on the quality of our product. Anyway sorry for the rambling! I actually wondered if you'd tried our drinks before? If not, I'd really love to send you a complimentary set. Email me on and I'll hook you up! Take care!