Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SERO2 - Serotinic Spring Water

Yip - this is a strange strange drink that has hit the shelves - bought a bottle at New World Waikanae today. Not cheap - about $3.50 bucks per bottle.

Even more strange is that the website seems to be down - and has been for ages.

The bottle design - has won awards - for agency

According to the bottle we have:

  • A dietary supplement,
  • Something that supports diet control,
  • Mood balance,
  • Improved Sleep,
  • Something that will de-stress you.
So yeh not your average soda pop by any measure. But I guess all food chemicals have effects - like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, vitamin C, tannin, chocolate etc..

This product focuses on Serotonin plus l-tryptophan.

The scary bits on the bottle are:

  • Max Daily Use: One bottle
  • Not recommended for children <15 years old
  • Not for pregnant or lactating woman
  • Not for serotonin sensitive people
  • Consult a physician if on prescription drugs
Again I guess all sorts of substances - could fit in a similar camp - however this is a really complicated drink.

Looking at the wiki for serotonin is also no help - unless perhaps you are an organic chemist.

Apparently the Serotonin naturally occurs in the spring water they use.

All in all a very curious and interesting drink - almost in the realms of science fiction - makes you think of a future where drinks - are tailored to our particular DNA - to ensure long life or an amorous sex life.


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