Monday, May 31, 2010

Nikau Cafe - Wellington

Located in Wellington's Civic Square -next to the ... Art Gallery is the Nikau Cafe. It's a great place - for a cultural treat.

First eat a sumptuous lunch - then walk through the Gallery and appreciate the art!

Nikau food - is first rate - fresh delicious - though generally the servings are tending towards low tide - if you know what I mean.

What I really like about Nikau - is how it weaves New Zealand produce into classic Cafe dishes.

I am quite a fan of the kedgeree.

menu for early may 2010

warmed marinated olives 5.00

panfried haloumi,lemon and grilled bread 11.00
and with beetroot and dill salad 17.00

persimmon, cress fennel and feta salad, picada 16.00

smoked roe crostini, celery, radicchio, olive salad 16.00

carrot and leek soup, walnut parsley pesto 12.50

nettle pasta, pumpkin sage and chestnuts 20.00

panfried fish, leeks, romesco sauce 24.00

fairtrade kedgeree with house smoked fish 20.00

panroasted organic chicken, tomato salad, crème fraiche 24.00

beef and mushroom pie 23.00

stone valley olive oil 1.50

more bread 2.00

green leaf salad 5.50

sautéed potatoes lemon, garlic and parsley 6.50

savoy cabbage, apple and chestnut slaw 6.50

affogato 9.50

apple and quince strusel tart 6.00

roasted figs, sherry zabaglione 10.00

chocolate prune brownie, pear and crème fraiche icecream 12.00

  • Location: Downtown Wellington - Waterfront
  • Address: City Gallery Building , Civic Square, Wellington
  • Phone number: +64 4 801 4168
  • Fax number: +64 4 801 4185
  • Email Address:

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