Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nelson Coffee Shops - Need to Step Up

Look I love Nelson - and I love the coffee its the best - and it is made with a real passion.

However, the food - so far almost everywhere (Zumo excepted - as they don't do food!) - is not good.

The best mid range food - in Nelson - seems to be the fish and chips and Guytons - and then at Mapua.

Perhaps there just needs to be a blanket ban on stale panini, dry or doey muffins and tasteless fudges and slices. The Phoenix perhaps removed the fridges. I think Nelson needs to start again.

Even in the supposed - best cafes there are problems - uneven food - a few too many flies - too slow to tidy up tables etc..

The bars are no better - dog meat burger patties - nothing original or interesting!

Perhaps the entire Nelson needs a Gordon Ramsay to come in - and help out a bit.

The gourmet kebab shop is an exception - I guess I would like to see more.

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