Monday, May 24, 2010

Mothered Goose Cafe - Bulls

Well I went for a drive up to Bulls today - Bulls is a small farming town - with an amazing rural vibe.

It is also the junction between - going to Taupo and Rotovegas or going to Law's Town (Wanganui - interestingly if you do a spell check on Wanganui - it suggests Wanking!).

A bit of advice - if you are doing a long hall trip - and need a huge feed - go to the Rat Hole and order a Rump Steak. They are huge - and what goes better than a salad bar complete with curred egg salad (answer = nothing).

The two highlight of today's trip where - the "mothered goose" cafe - and an antique shop where I bought $10 bucks of marbles for the kids (and me!!). A real rural experience - complete with horse racing belting out of an old radio (for sale for $50 bucks by the way).

The Mothered Goose cafe is located in the old BNZ building - and has beautiful polished wood flooring. It also has a Deli fill of goodies (with a fantastic black and white check marble floor) - that will each be featured in the next few blogs.

The cakes - we had some chocolate caramel fudge thing - are just delicious and the coffee is just great.

The Mothered Goose is a bloody delight!

We were there about 2:30 ish - some farming types sat in the far corner on the comfy couches - some rich babe (who drove a Red Beemer) in between - and we sat near the counter.

I really like Coffee Shops that extend their brand into additional gourmet products.

For instance they had home branded such treats as:

  • Sage Apple and Onion chutney;
  • Spicy Apricot Sauce;
  • Pickled Ginger;
  • Maple Mayo;
  • Passion fruit Vinaigrette...
And some bottles of interesting alcohol products (think while berries floating in Vodka).

All in all - Bulls is an enjoyable experience - and I really appreciated the efforts the City Council have made to brand this amazing little town.

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Bronny said...

I like your blog very much, I live and work in Bulls and Im employed as the Bulls and District Coordinator. We have many wonderful places in the town to wander around and visit including those you have mentioned plus a newish Candy Shop, Frankies Icecreams, Himalayan Bull-Indian Restaurant, destination shops such as Tizzies Fashion and Scully's Lavendar. The A-bull brand was created by a group in Bulls called the Bulls and District Enterprise, the idea came from a book called Alot of Bull. Glad you enjoyed our town, everyone welcome, love to see you. Im based at the info centre, pop in and say gidday