Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grove Avocado Oil - infused with Horopito

Continuing on our Horopito theme - another interesting Horopito flavoured product is Grove Avocado oil flavoured with Horopito.

Grove is located in the Bay of Plenty.

I have taken this from their website:

"Horopito is the indigenous native New Zealand pepper tree, often known as Bush Pepper. The dried leaf of this shrub delivers a subtle but complex herbaceous flavour with a hint of pepper as an aftertaste. Try it as a deliciously surprising dipping oil, or create a truly unique dressing. The unique flavour of this product is a perfect compliment to pasta and makes a superb marinade for your favourite cut of steak. Grove Extra Virgin Avocado Oil infused with Horopito makes a uniquely New Zealand gift for your overseas friends."

I have a bottle of this - the Horopito adds a beautiful spicy pepper flavour. It also smells just delicious. It would be interesting in a Basil Pesto - I'll have to try it.

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