Monday, May 31, 2010

Dukkah classic New Zealand food?

I am not sure whether I would classify Dukkah as an NZ food hero.

However I have an amusing story.

I was at the Te Hunanui Camp in Nelson - when I met a couple of ladies from Canada.They were really interested in sampling some classic Kiwi food - and had yet to find a restaurant that served roast lamb - or Pavlova with kiwifruit.

However, some Nelson locals had convinced them that most Kiwi of foods is the Dukkah dip. Basically Dukkah is a spicy mix made with seeds and nuts that is used for dipping, olive oil tastings or for seasoning meats or vegetarian equivalents.I disputed the Dukkah - I implored them to focus on our seafood and lamb.

New Zealand does seem to make quite a few Dukkah products though!

Anyway we had a good old chat. Later my wife accused me of flirting with them.

As is turns out - the girls were lovers - and later had a huge tiff - with one sleeping in a car that night.

I saw them the next day at an Internet Cafe - being very cosy - but - this time avoided conversation.

Actually an NZ camping ground - has an interesting mix of Kiwi apple pickers -and European backpackers. It is fair to say that often apple picking money - is converted into booze money.

I heard one conversation go like this:

"Am I the only New Zealander here!!!! So where are you from?" - said a very large Kiwi larger lout.
"I'm from France" said the French backpacker.
"How do you say f**k off in French?" replied the Kiwi.

All very interesting!

But what is it with New Zealand and Dukkah - I just don't get it!


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